What is Crestwood Equity’s ticker symbol and where is it listed?

Crestwood Equity is listed with the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “CEQP”.

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Does Crestwood Equity pay a distribution?

Yes. Crestwood Equity pays a distribution in accordance with Crestwood Equity’s partnership agreement. Distributions are paid quarterly in February, May, August and November.

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Can I purchase units directly from Crestwood Equity?

No. Crestwood Equity does not offer a direct investment program and CEQP units must be purchased through a broker.

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Does Crestwood Equity have a distribution reinvestment plan (“DRIP”)?

No. Crestwood Equity does not offer a DRIP program at this time.

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When will I receive my K-1 tax package?

Crestwood strives to deliver K-1 tax packages to our unitholders in a timely manner each year. Typically, K-1 tax packages are mailed by the first week of March.

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Who do I contact if I lost my K-1 tax package or need a prior year K-1 tax package?

Due to our large number of unitholders, Crestwood Equity and Crestwood Midstream offer a tax package support center that can assist unitholders obtain K-1 tax packages, correct account information, and answer basic questions. Unitholders may contact tax package support by dialing (800) 230-1134 for Crestwood Equity and (877) 210-0557 for Crestwood Midstream.

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Who is Crestwood Equity’s transfer agent and how do I contact them?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Shareholder Services
(800) 937-5449

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What is a Master Limited Partnership (“MLP”)?

A Master Limited Partnership (MLP) is a publicly traded partnership with a pass-through tax structure. A share in an MLP is called a “unit,” and owning MLP units makes you a limited partner. Owning units in an MLP is different from owning corporate stock in a number of ways, most notably their taxation. As a limited partner, each unitholder is allocated on paper a proportionate share of the MLP’s income, gain, deductions, losses, and credits for tax purposes and entitled to receive any distribution paid by the partnership. This is reported annually on the K-1 form versus a 1099 for corporation dividends.

For more information on Master Limited Partnerships, please visit: www.mlpassociation.org.

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What is the difference between a distribution and a dividend?

A distribution is paid by a partnership to its partners. Under the tax code, distributions are a return of capital and are generally tax-deferred. The cost basis in your partnership units (the amount you paid, increased or decreased by various adjustments) is lowered by the amount of the distribution.

A dividend is paid by a corporation to its stockholders and is generally taxable in the year it is received.

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