The supply and wholesale marketing division of Crestwood Services provides reliable product flow to hundreds of propane marketers, refiners and gas processors across the United States.

Crestwood’s wholesale customers benefit from the market intelligence of our NGL professionals with years of industry knowledge and experience. Crestwood's professionals help customers assess their needs from a supply and financial perspective and develop a comprehensive business strategy to meet those needs. Our ability to advise our customers on strategies to successfully execute on their plans sets us apart from many industry insiders that only focus on one piece of the puzzle. Each regional marketing team offers their customers a variety of service agreements that include:

  • Supply planning agreements
  • Index pricing agreements
  • Delivered pricing agreements
  • Fixed price and option hedges

Whether a customer's best source of supply is by pipeline, production facility, rail car or transport truck, and whether it is at our facility or someone else's, we will deliver the best product and solution where you need it, when you need it.

John Powell

Senior Vice President, Supply & Logistics
NGL Trade Floor in Kansas City, MO
Natural Gas Scheduling Center in Houston, TX

Risk Management

Crestwood's risk consulting and assessment expertise provide a valuable service that brings your company's price risk needs and business goals into sharp focus. A well-equipped risk management desk requires vast market intelligence, financial expertise, capital/balance sheet, and cutting edge technical resources. Crestwood's risk management professionals have the knowledge and experience to help customers implement a risk management plan with confidence and our risk management capabilities set us apart from other NGL service providers.

Crestwood offers customized price risk management services to propane retailers and NGL producers and marketers through a variety of financial and other instruments, including:

  1. Forward contracts
  2. Swap agreements
  3. Options or price caps

For more information on Crestwood's Risk Management Services, please contact:

John Powell
Senior Vice President, Supply & Logistics

Contact: 8111 Westchester Drive, Dallas, Texas 75225.