Crestwood has earned a reputation as a safe and good neighbor in the communities in which we live, work and operate. We demonstrate that safety is a top priority every day through our commitment to:

  • Promoting responsibility among our employees
  • Meeting or exceeding all required industry performance standards
  • Continuously seeking to improve safety performance

Operational safety is a top priority at Crestwood. We work to ensure that all of our pipelines, processing and storage facilities are constructed, maintained and operated at a level that meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations. In order to maintain the integrity and safety of all of our midstream facilities, highly trained personnel diligently follow an intensive protocol of operational processes and procedures for each facility. Across of our facilities, we monitor flow rates, pressures and other key operating conditions 24 hours a day, and our controllers can shut down midstream operations quickly if a problem is detected.

To avoid potential problems, we regularly inspect our processing and storage facilities and pipeline rights-of-way to ensure their security and integrity. We communicate regularly with emergency officials, local police and fire departments, and we have detailed coordination plans in place in case of an emergency.

Executive Commitment

Safety Principles

Crestwood has an unwavering commitment to our Safety Principles. Crestwood’s success is dependent on safe operations and we are dedicated to ensuring we operate in a safe, reliable, and environmentally sound manner. This is the foundation upon which we provide the best midstream services to our customers, while ensuring the safety of our employees, any contractors working for us, and the public.

We ensure a Safety focus in all our operations by ALWAYS adhering to the following key principles:

  • Assemble the people with the right skills for the task at hand
  • Utilize safe work practices and behaviors
  • Ensure conformance with all policies and procedures
  • Ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Promote safe operational control of facilities, vehicles and assets
  • Ensure all safety devices are in place and properly functioning
  • Provide engineering designs in conformance with applicable industry codes and standards
  • Immediately address and correct any unsafe condition
  • Seek timely assistance from technical and subject matter experts as necessary
  • Ensure that the maintenance of vehicles, equipment, and facilities is regularly performed, follows known standards, corrects identified failures, and is documented in a consistent manner across the company
Safety Poster

Damage Prevention

One of the leading causes of damage to pipelines, or other underground facilities including electric lines, telecommunication or cable wires, is excavation. In every state, any excavator, whether landscaping, building fences, or a major construction project, must make a call to a state One- Call center prior to beginning any excavation activities.

If you are planning to excavate, call your local One-Call center at least two days prior to beginning excavation by simply dialing 8-1-1. Once the One-Call center is notified, pipeline operators, and other underground facility operators will determine and mark the exact location of a pipeline within the planned digging area. If damage occurs during excavation resulting in an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Those excavating near a pipeline must follow additional safety requirements implemented by state regulators. The requirements are the steps an excavator must take before digging or excavating. If the steps are not followed, an excavator is subject to fines and penalties by the Railroad Commission. When excavating in Texas, you must follow the steps outlined below which summarize the state law.

Damage Prevention Procedures

Public Awareness

Public awareness is a key element to our ongoing commitment to safe and reliable operations. Maintaining a relationship with key stakeholders across the business and the communities that surround our operations is crucial to our success as we continue to grow and do business across the United States. We constantly communicate with residents, businesses, schools, landowners and first responders to ensure they are updated on Crestwood’s safety program, respond to any questions they may have and increase awareness about the importance of the 811 “call-before-you-dig” utility-locator program.

Crestwood Public Awareness Phone Number: (817) 339-5570

Emergency Phone Numbers

General Incident Hotline or Third-Party Concern
(855) 265-7377
Pipeline Emergency Contact
(866) 234-PIPE (7473)
Staffed 24 hours
Know What`s Below. Call Before You Dig.
Safety is Our First Priority. We strive to promote health and maintain a high standard of safety for our company, the public and the environment through careful planning and responsible operations.
Contact: 811 Main St., Suite 3400, Houston, TX 77002.